Shooting range with amazing offers

If you are interested in weapons and you like for example playing airsoft with your friends, you were probably thinking about trying a shooting range. There is a situation where not everybody likes weapons and that is alright, but people that have a hobby in shooting ranges know, that when they are practicing, they are in good hands. When somebody likes weapons or they like the look of them, it does not mean, that they are violent or something. When someone wants to try a shooting range, it has nothing to do with violence, but interest in weapons. And not everybody who has an interest in weapons must use them, they maybe have them just because they like the look of them.


So what shooting range you should try and visit? A shooting range in Prague which is called Outback is a really good option. So what do they offer? They are offering four packages. They are called Triple X, Army pack, Dirty Harry, and the last one, which is also the most expensive is called Call of Duty. The cheapest of these is Triple X and as the name suggests offers three weapons u can try and the most expensive is Call of Duty. This package offers eight weapons like Glock 9mm, Uzi, Pump-action shotgun, or for example AK47 Kalashnikov. Every weapon offers limited shots, but do not worry, there is a possibility to pay for more bullets. If you choose one of those packages it includes also equipment, protective wear, targets, and of course guidance of a trained instructor.

Shooting range

Don`t worry about the weather, because the shooting range is indoor. Also, they care about every customer, so they offer to transport you from your hotel and back which is really amazing. If you are interested in this shooting range, make sure to contact them on their website, and also you can check their Instagram, where they are posting photos and videos with their customers in their shooting range.